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Using Facebook to Promote Your Brand - 5 simple and effective steps to get you started

Blog Title Image - Using Facebook to Promote your Brand - 5 simple and effective steps to get you started

A huge 93 percent of marketing professionals use Facebook to promote their client’s business, according to a 2021 analysis by Social Media Examiner. With over a billion monthly active users from all generations, although the platform is almost twenty years old, it’s still considered a top marketing tool for business globally.

So as a business, how do you get started using Facebook to promote your brand?

1. Set up a Facebook business page

  • Start by choosing the right page template: Facebook has several templates you can choose from that are especially designed for different types of businesses. Hosting your business from a Facebook business page allows you to schedule your posts on both Facebook and Instagram, view the reach of your posts and link your page to your business website, amongst other features.

  • Use your logo or brand name as your profile picture: This is the most important thing to do to make sure your brand is easily recognisable to your followers. It also makes it easy for people to find you when they are searching for your business.

  • Create a simple, yet relevant cover photo. A good cover photo will feature your brand’s colours and explain visually what you’re about. You can also use your cover photos to showcase a latest product or sale.

  • Fill out contact information. This should include your website, email address and/or phone number so people know how to get in touch!

  • Make the most of the “about” section: Your “about” section is where you explain to followers exactly what it is you do and what makes your brand unique.

  • Customize your call-to-action (CTA) button: Want your Facebook fans to go to your website? Book an appointment? Call your store? Customize the CTA button at the top of your Facebook page to direct your fans to take the most useful action for your goals.

  • Create a vanity URL. A vanity URL is customized for your Facebook page to make your URL easier to find and remember. It replaces your default URL (which is usually a series of random numbers) with the name of your business (or similar). This makes your page look more official and is easier for your follower to find. E.g.,

2. Know your target market

To best engage with your customers, you have to know who they are, where they are and why they’ll want to engage with your brand!

Facebook is typically used regularly by Boomers and Gen X; If you’re brand is targeted to Millennials, you’ll find them on Instagram, and if It’s Gen Z you’re trying to reach, engage with them on TikTok.

3. Publish consistently

Your brand’s goal should be to stay present in the minds of your followers, but not to overload them. Think of your brand as a friend, check in with them regularly, give them something helpful to think about but don’t overwhelm them or bombard them.

Your content should be relatable, not salesy. The better you know your target market, the better you’ll be able to communicate in a helpful and effective way with them.

Also be sure to interact with your customers. A good friend communicates. Even the largest, most successful corporations in the world employ staff to respond to posts on social media in an effort to ensure their brand is as human as possible.

4. Always have a call to action

When posting, your text should feature a call-to-action. Always remember when creating content that your content should always have a specific goal around engagement. Do you want your follower to visit your website? Maybe you just want them to build a deeper, more trusting relationship with your brand. Ending your post with a statement like “join the conversation here” or “shop our latest collection” with a link to the next step helps your follower’s journey convert from “follower” to “customer”.

In addition, with a Facebook business page you also have the ability to customise the platform’s built-in call-to-action (CTA) button. This button can be linked to your website’s appointment booking page, online store, contact page etc. How you use this button is dependent on your goals i.e., do you want people to call you? Do you need to drive traffic to your website? Do you want them to book an appointment.

5. Curate your brand

Often overlooked in business, creating visual and professional cohesion by developing a brand image and brand strategy goes a long way in developing trust and credibility with your audience.

Consistency in your colours, language, images, messaging and tone all plays a part in developing brand recognition. When potential customers can easily recognise your brand and have positive interactions with it, they are more likely to commit to your business.

Think of each post on your social media like a piece to a puzzle that depicts who you are, what you look like and what your message is. By posting with this is mind, you will build a strong and visually appealing brand that will cut through the noise on social media and reach the audience you are wanting to appeal to.

We’d love to help you in developing the design and strategic direction of your brand! Contact us to start the journey to better reaching your audience.


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