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This will give us a good indication of what you need and which of our website packages suit your business the best. While you might be thinking “not another questionnaire”, we know that doing the groundwork in the beginning will make for a more efficient and successful project. Most importantly it will lead to a website that meets all your objectives.

When we create websites for our clients, we create something unique and eye-catching. Why would you want to look like everyone else in your industry? Where is the competitive advantage then? None of our websites look like the next. We carefully curate every website so that it truly represents your brand but most importantly, it is memorable. Cookie cutter websites just aren’t our thing.

RubyOnyx creates websites utilising the WIX website platform. Why? Because we provide highly designed websites and WIX is the most responsive and flexible platform for what we do. It is really user friendly and easy to navigate once everything is set up. It is also great value for money when it comes to hosting.

How do we get started?

Before we commence any website projects, there are a few tasks that we need to firm up. This ensures a seamless process but most importantly that we are on the same page when it comes to the expected outcome. We also need to learn a little more about you, your business, and the primary purpose of investing in a new website.

So, we will need you to complete our Website Brief.