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At RubyOnyx we don’t work FOR our clients, we work WITH our clients. And like any relationship, personal or professional, it is important to be able to work in sync with one another. That’s why we want to ensure that we are the right fit for each other. ​When you engage our services, you need to be able to tick off the following:

  • Understand the value of branding & marketing for your business

  • Be willing to take on our ideas and advice (we have a lot of experience under our belts)

  • Be willing to commit to deadlines (you’ll have some work to do too)

  • Have a good idea of who your target market is (no, it isn’t everyone in your geographic location)

  • Have a good idea of who your competitors are (you need to prove why you are better than them to your audience)

  • Willing to let us do our thing and design something amazing for you! (we take the time to understand you, your business, and your brand – that is what underpins everything we do)You don’t require your project to be completed yesterday (these things take time when done properly).​

What We Do

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What Clients Say...

Ruby Onyx was able to take our conceptual ideas and present them to us in the most striking, clever, and fresh brand all tied in a bow. They listened, factored in all our requests, and still managed to surprise us!


We have had a huge response from our local community, who have welcomed our rebrand and really connected with it. These guys are a creative, professional and talented bunch, and clearly know their stuff. Don't waste your time, do it right the first time with Ruby Onyx.


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