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About Us

The very definition of curation lends itself to what is at the core of RubyOnyx Marketing & Creative.




​the action or process of selecting, organising, and looking after the items in a collection.


A brand is just that, a collection of many elements that make you who you are and convey what your business is all about.


​And to build a brand you have to be passionate; you have to have a vision and you have to go all in.

​Brand Curators Amanda Dennis and Kirsti Reynolds have passion, they have vision, and they will always go all in.

​They don’t work FOR their clients; they work WITH their clients. This style of working relationship they build with clients results in a solid brand, both in design and strategic direction. They work with you to understand your goals and your objectives but most importantly to ensure you end up with a brand that represents YOU.

​Branding is not just a name. It’s visual presence, it’s content, it’s an experience, it’s a relationship, it’s a personality, it’s what makes you different, it’s consistency and it should be what makes you unforgettable.

​“Branding should not be approached with a one size fits all attitude. Branding is what sets you apart, it’s what allows you to tell your story, in short, it’s your identity”. – Kirsti Reynolds –

Having worked with some of this country’s biggest and well-known companies, the team at RubyOnyx have the experience and the knowledge needed to bring your brand to life.

  • Kirsti Reynolds (Co-Founder & Marketing Director)
    Kirsti Reynolds is a Marketing and Management Professional with over 18 years industry experience. She holds a Bachelor of Business & Commerce (Marketing & Management) and a postgraduate certificate in Business Marketing. Throughout her career she has worked with national and multinational organisations including Telstra, American Express, Intel, Lexmark, Vodafone and MPower as well as many small businesses and political candidates. Kirsti is a Brand & Marketing Specialist with a passion for helping businesses to define or redefine their brand identity through sound strategy and consistency in all facets of their marketing activities.
  • Amanda Dennis (Co-Founder & Creative Director)
    Amanda Dennis has a wealth of design experience from television to print and all facets of design in between. She has worked for all major television networks but predominantly held the positions of Senior Designer for News & Current Affairs at ABC Television and Art Director Promos at Channel 9. Design runs in her blood, and she is passionate about creating brands that connect, that are strong and have purpose. Amanda’s vision for our clients brands is always based on what will make an impact and achieve its brand voice.
  • Brooke Hilton (Agency Manager)
    Brooke is a well-rounded and versatile professional with extensive and diverse experience in an array of fields, spanning from real estate to politics. Brooke brings a fresh perspective, strategic thought, and a balanced approach to addressing the needs of our business as well as yours. While her passionate, unique, and dynamic skillset, promises to be a valuable addition to our team, her wealth of knowledge is sure to connect with our collective pursuit of excellence/efforts/endeavours (i.e. world domination!! lol). In the field of copywriting, Brooke has demonstrated a flair for the written word, combining creativity with informative narrative, all while conveying powerful messages that resonate with audiences. This ability to provide engaging, authentic, and original content is a testament to her skill.
  • Samuel Capili (Senior Designer)
    Samuel has over 15 years of experience with both print and online graphic design. He is a multi-passionate creative and finds it hard to imagine a day without coffee (we hear you Sam!). He has a Diploma of Graphic Design, Multimedia from Martin College. Samuel has an incredible eye for detail and is meticulous in everything he creates. He is a valued and experienced member of our team who "just gets it" with each and every project he works on.

Curating your Brand

Like any relationship, personal or professional, it is important to be able to work in sync with one another. That’s why we want to ensure that we are the right fit for each other.

When you engage our services, you need to be able to tick off the following:

  • Understand the value of branding & marketing for your business

  • Be willing to take on our ideas and advice (we have a lot of experience under our belts)

  • Be willing to commit to deadlines (you’ll have some work to do too)

  • Have a good idea of who your target market is (no, it isn’t everyone in your geographic location)

  • Have a good idea of who your competitors are (you need to prove why you are better than them to your audience)

  • Willing to let us do our thing and design something amazing for you! (we take the time to understand you, your business, and your brand – that is what underpins everything we do)

  • You don’t require your project to be completed yesterday (these things take time when done properly)

Some of our achievements

Our team is passionate about what we do. The satisfaction we get from working with brands, and bringing them to life, never fades. Over the past few years we have been recognised for what we do in a number of awards programs

  • 2023 Finalist Professional Services Category Wollondilly Local Business Awards

  • Named in DesignRush Top 30 Branding Agencies for May 2023

  • 2022 Finalist Marketing Services Category - Australian Women's Small Business Champion Awards

  • 2022 Finalist Professional Services Category Wollondilly Local Business Awards

  • 2021 Finalist Professional Services Category Wollondilly Local Business Awards

  • 2021 Winner - Best Wollondilly Business - Wollondilly Women in Excellence Awards

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