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Linking in to the idea of LinkedIn - Building your brand in front of the Decision Makers

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If you think LinkedIn is only for keeping tabs on other opportunities so you can skip town on your current employer or, if a brand, a recruiting platform, then you might be missing out on an opportunity to leverage the established social media site’s fantastic features.

Since it’s inception in 2003, LinkedIn has grown from essentially an online resume, to a platform used for brand rapport and lead connection. According to LinkedIn Data, there are currently over 30 million active pages on LinkedIn. Unlike Instagram, and even Facebook, LinkedIn is less about the aesthetics of the content you are posting and more about insightful industry information and connection with industry leaders to establish your brand as a leader in it’s field.

Data from LinkedIn confirms that 4 out of 5 LinkedIn users work in decision-making roles within their company and have double the buying power for business than users on other sites. Most users on the site are looking to connect with business and achieve a desired outcome, making LinkedIn users six-times more likely to convert into a client for your business than other sites.

So, how to make It happen . . .

As a business, you will want to create a “company page” on the free platform. Company pages rank highly in search results and the platform allows you to view analytics about your followers and each post you create which can help you better understand your customers and plan future content.

Even having basic information about your business on your page is useful but your page will do best when it is well refined and key valuable information about your business is featured clearly. Make sure to fill out all the prompts about your business as you create your company profile including links to your website and contact information. The great thing about LinkedIn is that it is really an extension of your brand/website so it is fairly easy to keep your page up to date if your website is current.

Give me some tactics for LinkedIn!

Connect your personal page

If you haven’t already got a personal profile on LinkedIn you might want to consider it. According to a 2018 global study by Forbes, 43% of the workforce are contractors (or sole traders). Millennials make up the largest portion of this group but it is estimated that this number will grow when Gen Z become the largest demographic in the workforce. The new working generation cares about personality and authenticity. They want to know that there is a person behind the brand and having your personal profile linked to your brand will achieve this, as well as help to establish you as an expert in your field. Be sure to upload a professional photo of yourself and carefully curate your biography to demonstrate your company’s values.

Join an industry group (or 2)

Look for groups within LinkedIn who are talking about your industry. Engagement with these groups goes a long way in giving credibility to your brand and expanding your network. You can find groups by searching topic keywords or by viewing one of your connections’ profiles, scrolling down to their “groups” section and joining one they are a part of. When sharing in these groups, don’t spam them with useless information. Instead, think about niche areas your business addresses or a unique selling point about your brand and focus your attention there. Be intentional about not being ‘salesy’, instead, be helpful. In these interactions you are not trying to ‘sell’, you are building rapport.

Be thoughtful with your content

LinkedIn gives you an opportunity to expand your content beyond selling your product or service. Not every post should be about your business or product. You can build authority in your field by writing or linking articles that are thought provoking around your business offerings. Current research around your industry, new policies or best practices around your industry are all topics worth sharing. Further your impression by having an educated opinion on these topics and ask your audience what they think! Though provoking content is in . . . sales-centric, know-it-all content is out!

If sharing content you haven’t written yourself, tag the author and their company to recognise them (but also to increase your post’s chances of being noticed or shared within their networks).

Celebrate your progress!

Be sure to always keep your brand’s mission and vision at the forefront of your communication. Celebrate your wins and show gratitude to the connections that have helped you achieve your business goals.

With a little attention, you really can build an authentic community that your brand will thrive in on LinkedIn. The site is much more than a recruiting platform!

To get started with LinkedIn, download LinkedIn pages to fully understand the platform, or contact us about supporting you in your branding goals.


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