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About Roxanne Lillis

Roxanne Lillis is a Painter, living and working in the beautiful Southern Highlands region of New South Wales.


Roxanne Lillis’ exhibitions include group and solo shows since 1993, throughout Sydney and regional NSW. With an established career history and solid reputation in the field of arts, accompanied by awards and publications, Roxanne now seeks future opportunities to participate to showcase her unique and celebrated artwork.

She has been featured in the Australian Art Collector and has private collections in NSW, Australia and the United States. Her strong, evocative and transformative artwork has seen her named as winner or finalist of several awards.

The Outcome

Roxanne's work is a sight to behold. While her work speaks for itself, we needed to create Roxanne Lillis the brand. Her desire to showcase her work and have place where people can learn about her as an artist led to the creation of a brand representative of not only her as a person but one that truly encompassed her work.

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