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Kristalee Restorative Cosmetic Artistry

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About Kristalee Restorative Cosmetic Artistry

With over 12 years’ experience in the beauty industry, owner Kristal Lee place's the utmost of importance on making a difference in people’s everyday life through the services she provides.

From permanent make up and hyperrealism brows to 3D areola sessions for mastectomy patients and scar and stretch mark camouflage, restoring confidence is what her business is all about. 

The Outcome

From the moment we met Kristal, we could see her passion and dedication to her work. Precision and attention to detail are crucial in the services she provides as is care and understanding of each and every client she works with. It was important for this to come across in her branding and is represented through the very deliberate lines and layers in the design.

A sophisticated and clean colour palette lends to the hygienic practices in the industry with teal being a favourite for Kristal.

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