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Certified Building Approvals

Brand Design & Development

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"Kirsti and Amanda are such a great team and were amazing from the very start to the end.

I was very happy with the whole process. Their ideas were very professional, they went above and beyond. Worth every cent as this has been a huge success for my business.

Thank you RubyOnyx!"


Certified Building Approvals

About Certified Building Approvals

Certified Building Approvals is committed to streamlining and simplifying the preparation and lodgement of building applications to council on behalf of homeowners and builders. A process, commonly associated with frustration and complexity, is made easier being managed from start to finish by an expert.

The Outcome

After a thorough research process as well as a brand strategy meeting with owner Jody Casey, a strong and professional brand was designed and developed. 

It was important that the brand represented the 9 brand keywords that were unearthed during the design brief stage. These included support, professional, organised, personal, streamlined, simplified, integrity, specialised and dedicated. The deeper meaning of the logo itself is described below:

  1. The capital letters within the architectural shapes represent how Certified Building Services supports their client through the application process.

  2. The font style is clean and bold which creates a sense of capability and purpose which hits the key words of professional, organised and simplify. It acts as an underline to the logo, therefore reinforcing the key word of support.

  3. The architectural shapes promote the keywords of support and streamline which evoke a sense of dedication and integrity.

  4. The use of yellow in the logo provides a warm, welcoming feel emphasising the personal service that Certified Building Approvals provides.

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