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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a powerful tool for any business when it comes to adding another vehicle to your marketing efforts. 

Many businesses get caught up in the use of social media to share their message, that email often gets overlooked. However, what business owners need to keep in mind is that more often than not, the people that make up your mailing list are an engaged audience; they signed up because they want to hear from you (or get that discount you offered at the very least). 

With many email platforms offering the functionality to automate processes based on customer behaviour or desired outcomes, adding email marketing to your communications mix makes sense now, more than ever.

At RubyOnyx, our marketing team have a deep understanding of the power of email marketing and with a strategic approach, we can boost your business and your brand with comprehensive email marketing campaigns.

We work within the platforms of Flodesk and Mailchimp (depending on your business requirements) to bring you and your clients beautifully designed, on-brand and strategically developed campaigns.

If you're interested in finding out how we can assist you with the design and development of your email marketing campaigns, enquire today. We provide a number of different service options depending on your requirements.

Did you know we are an Affiliate Partner* of Flodesk? 

After using Flodesk at RubyOnyx for our own email marketing, we have come to love it! This is why we have become an affiliate partner. With full disclosure, when you use our link to sign up to Flodesk, we receive a commission. But rest assured, we only share and align ourselves with brands and companies we believe in.

So here are some of the reasons we use Flodesk at RubyOnyx:

Creative freedom: This was one of the biggest selling points for us. As a branding agency it is so important for us to use tools that enable us to brand everything. For the first time ever in email marketing, you can use custom fonts and image collages with Flodesk - a big tick for the team at RubyOnyx

One monthly price, unlimited subscribers: whether you're a small or large business, protecting your bottom line and seeing a positive return on investment for your marketing efforts is important. Unlike its competitors, Flodesk doesn’t penalise you for growing your list (i.e. the more subscribers you have the more you end up paying). Whether you’re looking to start a small newsletter or build an email marketing empire, with Flodesk you pay the same monthly price.

Templates designed to convert: While our team can design incredible email templates for you using Flodesk, it is important for those businesses wanting to go it alone, to be able to design their own special and on-brand templates. Flodesk has a library of gorgeous templates to help you welcome, nurture, and convert subscribers into customers. Customising them is simple. A few clicks and the templates transform to match your brand’s unique look and feel.

As an affiliate partner, we can offer you 50% off your first year subscription to Flodesk. Simply click the button below to get started on your Flodesk journey. 

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