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About The Blue Butterfly Institute

The Blue Butterfly Institute provides a platform for connection to provide a safe pathway to personal and community empowerment and awareness.

​The Blue Butterfly Institute is a not for profit, volunteer run, organisation operating as an online delivery model with outreach potential. They advocate for victims and survivors of sexual trauma, support them through the healing journey, and provide educational opportunities to the community on the impact of trauma on behaviour, attitudes, and beliefs.

The Outcome

This project has been one of the most satisfying projects the team has worked on. The Blue Butterfly Institute is such an important organisation and a brand that needed to be treated with respect, dignity and care. Developing a brand that holds so much emotion was a feat in itself. It needed to represent strength and empowerment but also lend itself to fragility and vulnerability.

The institute’s tagline “create something beautiful from the darkness” was something picked up in a brand strategy meeting with Founder and President Tina Meyer. Tina was none the wiser we had paid particular attention to those words until we presented the brand concept to her, complete with the tagline. Those words were spoken by her without realising their true power and their undeniable link to purpose of the institute. It was quite a moment we shared with her and one where we realised, we had truly brought the brand to life.

We absolutely loved everything about working with Tina to enable her dream to become a reality.

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